Music to My Ears

I’m inspired by lots of things. 



Folk art. 

But nothing gets my creative juices flowing quite like music.  I can still remember the rush I felt when I purchased my first three albums.  Looking back now, those selections were a pretty good indication that my taste in music would be eclectic to say the least.




There are few things more beautiful than looking out my front door and seeing the sky lit up over downtown Chicago in the distance, all pink and full of the promise of another beautiful autumn day ahead.  The air is colder this morning though, and so is our collective consciousness.  With every election, there are always a fair amount of people who are disappointed by the outcome when their candidate doesn't win. That's to be expected.  


The Sweet Spot

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this feeling that there has to be more. Not in a material girl kind of way, but in a reason for being on the planet way. I was raised by parents who always encouraged me to take a big bite out of life.

When we were small, it was as simple as suggesting that my brother and I create intricate mazes in our backyard woods, or get creative and build a treehouse with some supplied plywood and nails.

Time Heals

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure…measure a year?

I’ve measured this year, my first without my mom, in so many ways.

I’ve measured it in teardrops. In my son’s lost teeth. In the roles my daughter has had in musicals that my mom will never see.

Save at Home

Why do we save the things we save? Is it because we don’t want to let go of a feeling they give us? Do we crave the ability to revisit a certain emotion any time we desire? Do we think that stuff has that much power over us? The answers to these questions are complex.

What Is Meant To Be

It is so cliche, but I’m a believer. What is meant to be will be. I’m always interested to see how life unfolds like a flower, to answer questions about why certain things have happened in life. Sometimes it’s a simple thing.  

Blog #1

Yes. I am a writer. It wouldn’t seem like such a stretch if you knew me. I majored in Journalism. I worked as a broadcast journalist for years. But
for the past twelve years, I’ve settled comfortably into full time motherhood. Today, I’ve given myself permission to become what I have always
wanted to be.
A writer.