Yes. I am a writer. It wouldn’t seem like such a stretch if you knew me. I majored in Journalism. I worked as a broadcast journalist for years. But
for the past twelve years, I’ve settled comfortably into full time motherhood. Today, I’ve given myself permission to become what I have always
wanted to be.
A writer.
It’s easy when you’re a mom to lose parts of yourself over time, and I did just that with my inner author. But the journey back has happened over
this most incredible year. I had my first friend break up, which was incredibly painful. Both of my kids were diagnosed with dyslexia. But the most
profoundly life-altering thing I experienced this year was the loss of my Mom.
Nothing prepares you for that.
My mom was the most incredible person. She was my first teacher. She was my biggest cheerleader. She cared about her fellow humans and
the planet in a way that I can only hope to aspire to. She was a peacemaker, a Reiki master, a tennis player, a wife. She managed to be all of
these things and never lose herself. She taught me that there is no such thing as a coincidence. I feel so blessed to have had the time with her at
the end of her life to tell her everything I wanted to. She told me as she was slipping into unconsciousness near the end of her life to focus on
love. Because in her words, “the rest is just bullshit.” (Did I mention that she was also one of the funniest people I have ever known?)
This past weekend, I did just that. I surrounded myself with LOVE on the first Mother’s Day without my mom. I travelled to Park City, Utah with a
group of 13 other women to celebrate ourselves as mothers, and to recharge our batteries. We hiked, did yoga together, and sat in silence in the
forest. We dolled ourselves up and had a photoshoot, exercising our “glamour muscles” in a way we don’t normally get to. And we laughed. And
laughed. And cried. It was an amazing experience. I never would have had this experience if it weren’t for the friend breakup a year ago. I had
isolated myself into a comfortable relationship that was only fit to be a party of two. Once that ended, the Universe provided. I opened my heart to
new friendships, and set out to nurture and restore old friendships that I hadn’t properly attended to. The result has been such a gift.
My friends are moms. But they are also writers, attorneys, physicians, scientists, nutritionists, politicians, dentists, saleswomen…how lucky I am to have found such a diverse and supportive group of strong women to land amongst. How I have grown from knowing each of them. The possibilities of
what we will teach and learn from each other over the coming years is infinite.
My mom always said that there was no such thing as a coincidence. In fact, she was going to write a second book called, “Holy Cow, What a Coincidence.” She never got to do that. But maybe she was just teaching me again. Our yoga and hiking guide asked me while we were ascending the mountain if I am a writer. She said I had a way with words. I started to say no, but something stopped me. Because now is the
time in my life to start saying yes.
Yes, I am a writer.
Thanks Mom.
I know you’re out there. Winking at Destiny.
Happy Mother’s Day.