How many cigarettes would you let your child smoke? Is just one safe? Two? What would you do if you found out they’d been breathing a class-one carcinogen for their entire lives?

The chemical lobby is at it again. See the letter below that we wrote to Representative Carol Sente—the outgoing head of the IL Environment Committee—to oppose her attempt to sneak through a watered-down version of our pending legislation tomorrow. Please act now. Write to each of the people listed at the end of this post, voicing your opposition to this egregious breach of ethics. Feel free to use my email as a template, or simply cut and paste it. We just need to let them know that WE OBJECT! We deserve better. We deserve clean air, and to be able to sleep at night knowing that our kids are safe.


Dear Rep Sente, (and copied to members of the Environmental Committee:)

I’m disappointed to hear that—in the eleventh hour of your service to Illinois--you’ve hijacked the pending legislation put forth by both Senator Curran and Rep Durkin, which were intended to offer our communities some protection agains the Ethlene Oxide emissions coming from twin Sterigenics plants located in the very center of our densely-populated community of Willowbrook, IL.  

Please know that your bill, which would essentially strip all of the pending clean-air protections away, is NOT the will of the people, and please know that we strongly object to your efforts to rush it to the floor for a vote tomorrow. We will NOT GO QUIETLY. 

If you manage to somehow pass this sham of a bill, (and we know that it needs to make it through the Senate first,) we will DIG IN and fight harder to undo your last gasp to derail our efforts to reestablish clean air in our communities. Many of us have unknowingly lived in a cancer cluster for the past thirty-five years, since Sterigenics quietly moved in and started poisoning our citizens with a CLASS ONE CARCINOGEN. How many cigarettes would you let your children smoke? How much of a class one carcinogen is safe? NONE. That’s how much.

I hope when you’re falling asleep tonight, you’ll consider the wishes of our community once again, and do the right thing. When you’re falling asleep tonight, know this: many of our residents have’t slept soundly since August 29th. 

That’s the day the light was turned on.  

The light that explained why so many of us have cancer, or have lost someone to cancer, or are living in fear of getting cancer.  
Do you know what that’s like? Can you imagine it? Please do. And then wake up tomorrow and do the right thing.  

Rushing this bill through—a bill that was the brain-child of chemical lobbyists who look to protect their own business interests….simply isn’t the right or moral answer. You are the head of the Environmental Committee. Please protect our environment and your constituents. That’s the job.

Respectfully yours,

Andrea and Jim Thome
Burr Ridge, IL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,