House of Belonging is more than just a romance. It is not only smart and engaging, but also has elements of mystery and intimacy, along with strong, dynamic, and positive characters
— Foreword Review
In her debut novel, author Thome writes with a winning charm and peppers her prose with a quirky enjoyably readable love story.
— Kirkus Review
Seeds of Intention is a captivating, intricate love story with relatable, layered characters, well-drawn settings, and a satisfying ending.

Andrea Thome is an excellent, graceful writer.
Her characters are so real you’ll feel as though you’ve known them for years.

Thome deftly builds the romantic tension and chemistry between Garrett and Willow, keeping readers engrossed until the end.

A tasty treat for romance fans!
— NY Literary Magazine
Andrea Thome has created another spellbinding romance about new beginnings. Classy, tasteful, and unputdownable!
— NDP Book Review
Andrea Thome brings the glories of the intimate, nature-focused escape to the wonderful world of romance. Seeds of Intention is delightful escapist fare. This is one series that you are definitely going to want to own the physical copies of, because the covers are absolutely stunning.
— Kristen Kranz, Hypable
Fans of Nicholas Sparks’ books will enjoy Andrea Thome’s writing. She manages to tell a classic romantic story that is interesting, vibrant, and surprising.
— Windy City Reviews
Thome’s followup to her well-received Walland takes readers on a gentle ride through a rustic Tennessee setting, perfect for cultivating romance as well as lush fields. Garrett and Willow’s relationship grows in a relatable fashion, with plenty of plot twists along the way. A cast of lovable if meddling friends are well drawn and highly endearing. The second book in the Hesse Creek series treats fans to new developments with old favorites, while also welcoming newcomers.
— RT Book Reviews
Sweet romance lovers, this one is for YOU! Andrea Thome’s SEEDS OF INTENTION has just enough spice to create passion, just enough turmoil to add depth and reality and just enough true friendship to go around and leave you smiling!
— Dii, Tome Tender Book Blog
The relationships throughout the book were inspiring. I loved the way everyone was there and supported each other. It was such a delight to read...I am really hoping there are more books to come!
— Susan, The Book Bag Blog (on Seeds of Intention)
Seeds of Intention, Book 2 in the Hesse Creek series is just as lovely as Walland. A beautiful romance in a gorgeous setting. Thome knows how to paint a picture that makes readers feel like they are in the same room as her characters. Her male protagonists, Garrett and Wyatt are likable, kind characters, unlike the brooding moody men you often see in romance novels. Her female characters, Willow and India are strong and accomplished. From Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm to Aspen, this love story will keep you turning the pages quickly.
— Kristina Hickey, Librarian, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Andrea Thome. ANDREA THOME! This book is intoxicating! No amount of filtration can dilute what Andrea has created. Walland is an incredible story of fate, passion, and love reborn. We have the power to choose our family, but sometimes - like with India and Wyatt - family chooses us. Andrea Thome is immaculate in her descriptions of Walland, the people, and the opportunities hidden within chance.
— NDP Book Review
A really wonderful story with a setting that made me fall in love with the beautiful resort in Tennessee. This is book 1 in the Hesse Creek series from Andrea Thome, and I eagerly look forward to reading the second.
— Samantha March, Author
Walland is solid start to the Hesse Creek series from Andrea Thome.
— Bookish Devices
The author pulled me from the very first few pages. I loved the storyline. But mostly I fell in love (with) the characters and how relatable they were. I can’t wait to read more by this author.
— Booknerdingout, on House of Belonging, for Amazon Reviews